lunes, 20 de junio de 2011

Past Simple of "be".

  • We use the past simple of be to talk about the past.
  • We often use these time expressions with the past simple: yesterday, last night/week/month/year, two hours/days/weeks/months/years ago, in January, in 2007:
 "They weren´t at the café yesterday."   "He wasn´t at home last night."

I / She / He / It was
You / We / They were

I / She / He / It wasn´t (was not)
You / We / They weren´t (were not)

Was I/she/he/it?
Were you/we/they?

Short answers:
Yes, I/she/he/it was.                                            Yes, you/we/they were.
No, I/she/he/it wasn´t.                                         No, you/we/they weren´t.

You will be able to practise this tense later in another entry.

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