martes, 19 de julio de 2011

Simple Past tense

  • We use the past simple to talk about actions and situations that started and finished in the past.
  • To form the past simple of REGULAR verbs, we add -ed to the verb. Be careful of the spelling changes:
walk - walked       arrive - arrived       stop - stopped       try - tried

  • Some verbs do not form the past simple with -ed. They are IRREGULAR:
go - went       buy - bought        meet - met

  • We often use these time expresions with the past simple: yesterday, last night/ week / weekend / month / year, two hours / days / weeks / months / years ago, in 2002 / April.
  • We can also use when + subject + verb in the simple past:
I met him when I was in London.       When I was five, we moved to Brighton.

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