martes, 31 de mayo de 2011

Have / Has got

We use have got:

  • to talk about possession: I´ve got a computer. They haven´t got a car.
  • to describe somebody: She´s got blue eyes. Has he got dark hair?
  • to talk about illnesses: I´ve got a headache. Have you got a cold?
Affirmative: I/you/we/they ´ve got (have got) ////// he/she/it ´s got (has got)
Negative: I/you/we/they haven´t got (have not got) ////// he/she/it hasn´t got (has not got)
Question: Have I/you/we/they got? ////// Has he/she/it got?
Short answers: Yes, I/you/we/they have. ////// Yes, he/she/it has.
                       No, I/you/we/they haven´t. ////// No, he/she/it hasn´t.

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