viernes, 27 de mayo de 2011

Present Simple (am, is, are)

We use be:

  • to say who somebody is or what something is: I´m Sam. That´s my ticket.
  • to describe something or somebody: Your shoes are nice. He is tall.
  • to say where somebody is from: He is American. We are from Brazil.
  • to talk about people´s jobs: She is a teacher. My father is a doctor.
  • to talk about somebody´s age: I´m nineteen. Sally is twenty one.
  • to say how we feel: We are tired. He is angry.
  • to say where somebody or something is: She is at home. Your bag is on the chair.
  • to talk about somebody´s health: I´m fine. Kate is ill.
I´m (am)
he/she/it ´s (is)
you/we/they´re (are)

I´m not (am not)
he/she/it isn´t (is not)
you/we/they aren´t (are not)

Am I?
Is he/she/it?
Are you/we/they?

Short answers
Yes, I am.                   Yes, he/she/it is.                                 Yes, you/we/they are.
No, I´m not.                No, he/she/it isn´t.                              No, you/we/they aren´t.

Exercise 1:

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